About UO: Reborn

UO Reborn is truly an immersive experience - Designed to bring back those distant feelings of old school RPG/MMO nostalgia. Not only are we a game based entirely on exploration, fighting, crafting and rare item collection.. We are a world that allows your character to live and truly exist in a world that is constantly evolving and changing. A world in which the choices you make may have consequences on it's ever changing state of life.

Will you explore the lowest levels of a dungeon for the best loot, looking to amass vast riches and power and thus risk being killed by monsters or murderers? Or will you lend aid to a fellow player being assaulted by enemies and thus risk death yourself? Or perhaps you choose to be a simple craftsman or merchant looking to provide for his friends and family?

The choice is truly yours here and now on UO:Reborn..